PSCC Statement and Call to the International Solidarity Movement all over the world

ottobre 11, 2015 at 2:10 pm

10th October, 2015 | Popular Struggle Coordination Committee | Ramallah, Occupied Palestine

Hundreds of Palestinians were injured in the past ten days, around 450 arrests from all over the West bank were reported. Israeli settlers and occupation forces have murdered 17 Palestinians since the beginning of October 2015, including 5 children, eleven year old Abdelrahman Ebeidallah, fifteen year old Muhamad Hisham, sixteen year old Is-haq Badran, seventeen year old Amjad Hatem, and Huthayfa Sulayman age eighteen.
The roads are not safe for Palestinians. The settlers are armed with guns, knives, stones, and the support of the occupation forces-one of the most heavily armed militaries in the world- ready to shoot and kill Palestinians on our own land.
Jerusalemites do not feel safe walking in the streets. In the last week alone Palestinian women were beaten and thrown on the ground by Israeli settlers in the old city of Jerusalem, and at least one instance of this was captured on video.
The Israeli occupation forces not only protect the settlers and their illegal attacks on Palestinians, they also use different kinds of rubber and live bullets to maim Palestinians. In the last several days of attacks against Palestinians in the West bank, the injuries seen at Ramallah Hospital’s Emergency Room are on the arms, chests, and heads of Palestinian journalists, frontline defenders, and youth- these injuries indicates that the barrel of Israeli guns are aiming to kill.
Undercover occupation agents, the “mustaribeen”, with kaffiyah’s covering their faces wearing t-shirts tucked out of their pants to hide their guns, infiltrated a march held by students from Birzeit University. The mustaribeen got close to the Palestinian protesters, kidnapped three of the young men, after shooting them from a point of zero distance. Till the moment no one knows the destiny of the three kidnapped young men, with and assumption of the death of at least one of them according to eye witnesses.
The Israeli settlers and the occupation forces should be held accountable for their actions against the Palestinian people, and since the settlers, the army that serves them , and the occupation they exist within, are all protected by international impunity, regardless to the fact that the existence of the Israeli settlers within the 67 borders is considered illegal according to International Law . We call for the international community to organize demonstrations, and to take serious actions to support the international BDS campaign against Israel, and to put pressure over their governments to take actions towards the Israeli government and settlers’ violations.
in the time that Palestinian children, men, youth and women are all united in resisting the occupation, risking their lives in face to face encounters with the occupation army, demonstrating in Gaza City, Jerusalem, Haifa, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Yaffa, and Hebron. United from all over Palestine.
As long as the occupation continues, we will keep resisting for a life of freedom and dignity.
We the people need to scream out for Muhanad Halabi’s family who are threatened to have their house demolished at any minute, after having their son murdered. And it is not only Muhanad’s family who are mourning, thousands of people across Palestine are grieving the loss of loved ones murdered by the occupation.
We the people have a voice, that neither the Israeli government, Zionist entities, nor members of the international community complicit with Israel’s
crimes against Palestinians, can ever silence.