UPDATE: Demolition orders delivered in Jawwaya

dicembre 5, 2013 at 8:03 pm

One of the structures under demolition order

On December 2, at about 11:40 am, two Palestinians from Jawwaya came in At Tuwani showing a demolition order for a house under construction, belonging to Ahmed Shawaiin, delivered few minutes before (at around 11.25 am). After that, two OD volunteers accompanied the Palestinians to Jawwaya, because they said that an other demolition order was delivered in the same time. When the OD volunteers arrived in the village, they saw an other demolition order under a stone near a tent used as a shelter for the sheep, belonging to Khalil Shawaiin. These demolition orders follow the stop working orders delivered on October 28.

The tent under demolition order, with a member of the Shawaiin family