Ha’aretz: Israel seizes Bedouin man’s toilet in West Bank after deeming it illegal

giugno 23, 2013 at 6:43 pm

The portable bathroom, which was installed for the use of a handicapped man, violated an order against illegal construction by settlers, the Civil Administration said.
Chaim Levinson – Ha’aretz – Jun.23, 2013

The Civil Administration last week confiscated a portable toilet that was serving a handicapped person in a Bedouin village in the West Bank, claiming that it violated the order forbidding the movement of mobile structures without a permit.
The incident occurred in Um al-Kheir in the South Hebron Hills, which is near the settlement of Carmel. Last month, one of the village residents decided to set up a toilet for his brother, who had suffered head trauma and until now has been urinating and defecating in a nearby stream bed. The man dug a cesspit and placed a tin structure with a toilet on top of it. The structure was donated by ACF International, a humanitarian organization that provides emergency food, water and sanitation aid.

Ha’aretz: The settlers’ aim: Occupy Israel

gennaio 3, 2013 at 11:16 pm

Ha’aretz, 03.01.2013 – Ari Shavit

The old occupation was the occupation of Palestine. It started with the military occupation of the West Bank and continued with the settlement occupation of the West Bank, and has reached the point where some 360,000 Israelis live today in the West Bank. At the same time that the smaller occupation of the Gaza Strip failed, the large occupation of the West Bank has done quite well.

In the past it prevented a peace agreement with Jordan, interfered with the interim agreement with the Palestinians and prevented a unilateral withdrawal. The old occupation succeeded in causing a Palestinian state not to be founded, the Land of Israel not to be divided and a single governmental entity to sprawl from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Even though the old occupation was anachronistic and disadvantageous from the very beginning, it showed impressive vitality and achieved most of its goals. This surprising success allowed it to continue on and mount an attack on the democratic Jewish state next to the West Bank.