VIDEO: 2013-10-06 Israeli army invaded South Hebron Hills village of At Tuwani overnight

ottobre 18, 2013 at 7:03 am

Press Release of the incident:


HAARETZ: Settlement security coordinator blocks road to Palestinian villages, gets off with rebuke

ottobre 10, 2013 at 9:18 pm

Despite finding the man guilty of operating outside his authorized territory and committing a criminal offense, Israeli army hasn’t removed him from position.

by Chaim Levinson – October 10, 2013

The security coordinator for the West Bank settlement of Avigail who is responsible for the placement of a roadblock preventing access to the adjacent Palestinian villages will remain in his position.

A Haaretz investigation found that Ahikam Halleli, the security coordinator for that area, who was responsible for initiating and implementing the incident, got off with a mere rebuke by the Israel Defense Forces commander in Hebron, Major-General Avi Bluth.

On August 18, several settler youths from the outposts Mitzpe Yair and Avigail built a roadblock on the dirt road leading to four Palestinian villages – Jinba, Bir el-Eid, Markaz and Hallawa – all located in Firing Zone 918.

Human rights organizations summoned the army, who arrived to the area, spoke with the youth and cleared the rocks. Upon leaving, the settler youth once again blocked the road until nighttime. Israeli soldiers and police returned and once again re-opened the road. Palestinian residents also complained of a stench coming from a water cistern nearby, likely due to an dead animal left there by the youth.

Residents of Avigail say that Halleli did it to avenge the theft of a car from the Mitzpe Yair outpost a few days earlier.

“He emailed all the residents,” a settler living in the area said, “writing that there were several car thefts committed recently, including the day before. Residents were requested to arrive the next day at 6:30 in the morning to help block the road. Ahikam qualified the activity as ‘important.'”

Local settlement councils employ security coordinators, paying their salaries. The army is responsible for vetting each one, and is also his exclusive acting supervisor. Settlement security coordinators are subject to military disciplinary law and IDF investigations and army commanders sign off on maps delineating the territories within which they can act.

In this case, Halleli was operating outside his authorized territory, in addition to committing a criminal offense.

Following Haaretz’s request for a response, Major-General Bluth summoned Halleli for an investigation. Halleli admitted he initiated the roadblock, but Bluth decided to make due with a reproach and keep him in his position.

Halleli has in the past been involved in transferring material for illegal settlement construction. In that case as well, as a result of a Haaretz inquiry, he was called in for an investigation and merely rebuked. He claimed he did not know the materials were being used for illegal construction, and promised it would not happen again.

Halleli refused to comment on this case. The IDF Spokesperson said in a response that a thorough investigation was conducted following the incident, including a conversation between the army commander and the said security coordinator.

“During the conversation it was made clear beyond any doubt that this behavior is not in line with the IDF’s values, and constitutes an impaired decision, as a result of which proper procedure was restated. This was an isolated incident that does not reflect general behavior, as the IDF consistently examines its civilian security officials.”

The press release about the incident occurred on August 18:

Video of the incident:

Other ten olive trees destroyed in Humra valley, At Tuwani

settembre 8, 2013 at 3:14 pm

One of the ten olive trees destroyed in Humra valley

On September 8 a Palestinian noticed some olive trees cut in Humra valley, that is located beside Havat Ma’on (Hill 833) Israeli outpost. Later Operation Dove volunteers and a Bt’selem operator went on the place to document the incident. They found 10 olive trees destroyed during the night, belonging to Ibrahim Rabai.

During the afternoon the Israeli Police came on the place of the incident and At Tuwani inhabitants filed a complain.

In the last 30 days a total of 18 olive trees have been seriously damaged in that valley.

The number of Palestinian-owned trees uprooted and damaged in the South Hebron Hills area since January 2012 now rises to 177, the majority of which are located in the Humra valley.

Olive trees are an essential resource for the Palestinian community in the South Hebron Hills area, and their damage results in substantial economic losses for local residents.


Altri dieci ulivi distrutti in Humra valley, At Tuwani

L’8 di settembre un palestinese ha notato alcuni ulivi tagliati nella valle di Humra, situata accanto all’avamposto israeliano di Havat Ma’on (Hill 833). In seguito i volontari di Operazione Colomba e un operatore di Bt’selem sono giunti sul posto per documentare l’incidente e hanno trovato 10 alberi di ulivo distrutti durante la notte, appartenenti a Ibrahim Rabai.

Nel pomeriggio la polizia israeliana è giunta sul luogo dell’incidente e gli abitanti di At Tuwani hanno sporto denuncia.

Negli ultimi 30 giorni un totale di 18 ulivi sono stati seriamente danneggiati in quella stessa valle.

Sale a 177 il numero di alberi d’ulivo palestinesi sradicati e danneggiati nell’area delle colline a sud di Hebron da gennaio 2012, la maggior parte dei quali si trova nella valle di Humra.

Gli alberi d’ulivo sono una risorsa essenziale per le comunità palestinesi delle colline a sud di Hebron, e il loro danneggiamento provoca una notevole perdita economica per gli abitanti locali.


Israeli settler attacked Palestinians near village of Tuba

agosto 8, 2013 at 10:39 am

On August 6 at about 6 p.m an armed settler chased two Palestinian shepherds in the South Hebron Hills’ Umm Zeitouna valley. The shepherds report that the settler shot his gun, targeting one of them. The bullet didn’t reach the shepherd, but hit a stone near his feet. The settler followed the fleeing shepherds until reaching the nearby village of Tuba. In the entrance to Tuba a Palestinian came out to speak with the settler, taping everything with a camera.

The settler attacked the Palestinian, pushing him and kicking his leg, aiming the gun at him and spitting at the camera. The settler threatened him in Hebrew and Arabic. At about 6.45 p.m the settler went away in the direction of Ma’on settlement.

In the Umm Zeitouna valley settler harassments and attacks against Palestinian shepherds are becoming more frequent. Despite this, the shepherds continue to graze their sheep in the valley, following a nonviolent strategy to claim their right.


Il 6 agosto 2013, intorno alle 18.00, un colono armato ha rincorso due pastori palestinesi nella valle di Umm Zeitouna. Secondo la testimonianza dei pastori, il colono avrebbe sparato mirando ad essi. Il proiettile avrebbe colpito una pietra vicino alle gambe di uno dei due palestinesi. Come mostrano le immagini, il colono ha inseguito il gregge fino al villaggio di Tuba. Lì ha incontrato un altro Palestinese, venutogli incontro per parlare.

Il colono ha attaccato il Palestinese tirandogli calci e spingendolo. Gli ha anche puntato il fucile al petto e sputato sulla telecamera, minacciandolo in arabo ed ebraico. Intorno alle 18.45 il colono si è mosso in direzione della colonia di Ma’on.

Nella valle di Umm Zeitouna le aggressioni e gli attacchi dei coloni stanno diventando sempre più frequenti. Nonostante ciò, i pastori Palestinesi continuano a pascolare le loro greggi in questa valle, perseguendo una strategia nonviolenta.

AIC: Settler action committee to work against Israeli, international activists

luglio 31, 2013 at 12:46 pm

Published on 25 July 2013

Written by Alternative Information Center (AIC)

Israeli settlers from the South Hebron Hills area in the occupied West Bank are currently establishing an action committee to fight against the actions of “anarchists who incite Arab terror in the area”.

The settler-affiliated media outlet Arutz 7 reports that “anarchist actions”, i.e. the solidarity and direct actions conducted by Palestinian, Israeli and international activists in the West Bank to protest Israel’s occupation, involve “both a danger of consciousness and an existential danger”.

Yuval Avidan from the local settlement of Mitzphe Yair and who reportedly “personally suffers from the anarchist”, told Arutz 7 that “it is important to bring to the consciousness of area residents the extent of the problem, which threatens our very existence in this land”.

Settler Yochai Damri noted that the “anarchist actions” often “involve the taking over of land located with the settlement area or which represents the potential for…new settlements. The positioning of Har Hebron in the media (South Hebron Hills – AIC) as a conflict area further harms development and growth of the Har as a region which also wishes to attract tourists and export its products”.

The action committee has outlined initial steps to be taking, including a “mapping of the problem” and documentation of “every event, tour and penetration of settlements” by the activists. The action committee will track internet and social media sites while tours of the South Hebron Hills area will be conducted for opinion-makers so they “receive the full picture of the anarchists’ actions”. The action committee further plans to request that Israel’s Defence Ministry issue distancing orders to keep the regular protesters “who break the law and violate order” away from the area.


The full article by the settler-affiliated media Arutz 7:

Harassment against Palestinian shepherds and Operation Dove volunteers in Umm Zeitouna valley continues

luglio 30, 2013 at 12:02 pm

On July 28 at about 8 a.m., one settler and three Israeli soldiers chased three Palestinian shepherds from Umm Zeitouna valley in the South Hebron Hills. The settler tried to catch the Palestinian shepherd, threatening him with death. The soldiers detained OD volunteers, who were accompanying the shepherd, for more than one hour, falsely charging them with entering Israeli private property when the area was Palestinian property. The soldiers prevented the volunteers from using mobile phones and cameras. While the settler threatened the volunteers with death and insulted them, the soldiers were present and did nothing.
This is the third time in three weeks that this settler has chased and verbally threatened Palestinian shepherds and OD volunteers in the Umm Zeitouna valley.

Il 28 luglio intorno alle 8.00, un colono e tre soldati israeliani hanno rincorso tre palestinesi che stavano pascolando le greggi nella valle di Umm Zeitouna. Il colono ha minacciato di morte uno dei palestinesi ed ha provato più volte a catturarlo. I soldati hanno detenuto per più di un’ora tre volontari di Operazione Colomba con la falsa accusa di essere entrati in una proprietà privata israeliana. Questi ultimi erano invece su una terra di proprietà palestinese. I militari, da una parte, hanno fisicamente impedito ai volontari di utilizzare telefoni cellulari e fotocamere, dall’altra non hanno agito in nessun modo nei confronti del colono, neanche quando ha ripetutamente insultato e minaccaiato di morte i volontari stessi.
Questa è la terza volta in tre settimane che il medesimo colono insegue e minaccia pastori palestinesi e volontari di Operazione Colomba nella valle di Umm Zeitouna.


The settler trying to catch a Palestinian shepherd
Il colono nel tentativo di catturare uno dei pastori palestinesi


Operation Dove volunteers while detained by Israeli soldiers. On the left: the settler
Volontari di Operazione Colomba durante la detenzione da parte dei soldati israeliani. Sulla sinistra: il colono

Settlers attack Palestinian shepherd near Mitzpe Yair outpost

luglio 15, 2013 at 6:52 am

On July 14 at about 7.30 p.m., Omar Ahmad Gebren Hosheia, age 28, was attacked by three masked settlers while grazing his sheep near the Mitzpe Yair outpost. The settlers stoned Omar on his head and face. Because of his serious injuries, Omar was taken by ambulance to Hebron’s Alia Hospital, where he remains hospitalised.

Il 14 luglio alle 19:30, Omar Ahmad Gebren Hoseia (28 anni) è stato attaccato a pietrate da tre coloni mascherati mentre stava pascolando le sue pecore vicino all’avamposto di Mitzpe Yair. A causa delle gravi lesioni che ha riportato alla testa e al volto, Omar è stato portato in ambulanza al Ali Hospital di Hebron, dov’è tutt’ora ricoverato.


Picture by B’Tselem


Picture by B’Tselem

Incursione notturna dei coloni nel villaggio palestinese di Al Mufaqarah

luglio 10, 2013 at 12:41 pm

La notte tra il 9 e il 10 luglio 2013, tre coloni armati sono entrati nel villaggio di Al Mufaqarah creando panico tra la popolazione. Da testimonianze raccolte in loco, i coloni avrebbero tirato alcuni sassi contro le case del villaggio mentre gran parte dei palestinesi stava già dormendo. Sul posto sono arrivate due camionette dell’esercito israeliano. I soldati non hanno preso alcun provvedimento immediato contro l’unico colono rimasto sul luogo. In seguito la polizia israeliana ha raccolto due testimonianze tra i palestinesi presenti.

L’incursione è avvenuta la notte che sancisce l’inizio del mese di Ramadan.


Foto dell’incidente:

Video: Two Palestinians and four Israeli activists arrested in Umm Al Kheer on July 6, 2013

luglio 7, 2013 at 1:16 pm

Video: Israel seizes Bedouin man’s toilet in West Bank after deeming it illegal

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