UPDATE: Palestinians resisting settlers expansions, South Hebron Hills

settembre 22, 2014 at 7:06 am

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September 22, 2013

Tuwani – On September 20, the South Hebron Hills Popular Committee (SHHPC) have organized a nonviolent action to claim the Palestinians right to access to the land and to denounce the illegal settlers expansion, near the Palestinian village of Susiya.

One week ago the Israeli settlers illegally built a tent (about 20 s.m.) on Palestinian land, situated between the Palestinian village of Susiya and the Israeli Suseya settlement, where the settlers used to gather every afternoon. Beside this tent there is a well owned by a Palestinian from Susiya in which the settlers used to swim. This violations prevented the Palestinian shepherds and villagers to use the well and to graze in the valley close to the place.

On Saturday morning, at 10 a.m. several Palestinian men, women and children, with the solidarity of Israeli activists went to the tent and dismantled it. Subsequently they collected the garbage around the well and they took water from it as a demonstrative action.
Suddenly around ten settlers came out from Suseya and some of them crossed an area in which the access is forbidden to Israelis and raged against the nonviolent activists.
In the meanwhile Israeli Forces arrived and the Palestinians denounced the settlers violations. At 10:45 the Israeli army and Border Police declared the area a “close military zone” for one day, in order to push away the Palestinians and the Israeli activists. Yet the settlers remained inside the temporary close military area with the Police and army.

The nonviolent action aimed to prevent the settlement illegal territorial expansion and to stop the ongoing appropriation of Palestinian land from the settlers present in the South Hebron Hills are.

Operation Dove has maintained an international presence in At-Tuwani and the South Hebron Hills since 2004.

Pictures of the action: http://goo.gl/21d7bw

[Note: According to the Fourth Geneva Convention, the Hague Regulations, the International Court of Justice, and several United Nations resolutions, all Israeli settlements and outposts in the Occupied Palestinian Territories are illegal. Most settlement outposts, including Havat Ma’on (Hill 833), are considered illegal also under Israeli law.]


I Palestinesi resistono all’espansione delle colonie, colline a sud di Hebron

22 settembre 2014

At Tuwani – Il 20 settembre, il Comitato Popolare delle colline a sud di Hebron ha organizzato un’azione nonviolenta per affermare il diritto dei Palestinesi di accesso alla terra e per denunciare l’illegale espansione dei coloni, vicino al villaggio palestinese di Susiya.

Una settimana prima i coloni Israeliani hanno illegalmente costruito una tenda (di circa 20 mq) su terra di proprietà palestinese, situata tra il villaggio Palestinese di Susiya e l’insediamento Israeliano di Suseya, dove i coloni usano riunirsi tutti i pomeriggi. A fianco alla tenda c’è un posso di proprietà di un palestinese di Susiya, nel quale i coloni fanno il bagno. Queste violazioni impediscono ai pastori e gli abitanti palestinesi di usare il pozzo e di pascolare nella valle vicina.

Il sabato mattina alle 10:00 molti palestinesi (uomini, donne e bambini) con la solidarietà degli attivisti israeliani sono andati alla tenda e l’hanno smantellata. Successivamente hanno raccolto i rifiuti intorno al pozzo e, come azione dimostrativa, hanno utilizzato l’acqua.
Improvvisamente circa dieci coloni sono venuti dall’insediamento di Suseya e alcuni di loro hanno attraversato un’area in cui l’accesso è vietato agli israeliani e si sono infuriati contro gli attivisti nonviolenti.
Nel frattempo sono arrivate le forze armate israeliane e i palestinesi hanno denunciato le violazioni dei coloni. Alle 10:45 l’esercito israeliano e la polizia hanno dichiarato la zona un area militare chiusa per un giorno, al fine di scacciare i palestinesi e gli attivisti israeliani. Eppure i coloni sono rimasti dentro la temporanea area militare chiusa con la polizia e l’esercito.

L’azione nonviolenta ha lo scopo di impedire l’illegale espansione territoriale della colonia e di fermare la continua appropriazione di terra palestinesi da parte dei coloni israeliani nelle colline a sud di Hebron.

Operazione Colomba mantiene una presenza costante nel villaggio di At-Tuwani e nell’area delle colline a sud di Hebron dal 2004.

Foto dell’azione: http://goo.gl/21d7bw

[Note: secondo la IV Convenzione di Ginevra, la II Convenzione dell’Aja, la Corte Internazionale di Giustizia e numerose risoluzioni ONU, tutti gli insediamenti israeliani nei Territori Palestinesi Occupati sono illegali. Gli avamposti sono considerati illegali anche secondo la legge israeliana.]

Palestinians keep struggling for Umm Al Arayes land

maggio 12, 2014 at 8:09 am

Every saturday, since one year and a half, Palestinians together with Israeli activists organise nonviolent actions to claim the right to return to their land in the South Hebron Hills, on which settlers from the Israeli illegal outpost of Mitzpe Yair have built greenhouses. The land is situated between the Palestinian village of Shi’b Al Butum and the Israeli illegal outpost of Mitzpe Yair.

This land is called Umm Al Arayes and it’s a Palestinian private propriety.  Demolition orders have been issued against the greenhouses by the Israeli District Coordination Office. The Israeli army declaration of lands as closed military zone impedes the Palestinians from accessing their land. Since 2001 the Palestinians in the area have faced restricted access to these lands.

Palestinians from the South Hebron Hills keep facing the Israeli occupation through the popular nonviolent resistance.

For more information about the area you can see also: http://tuwaniresiste.operazionecolomba.it/?s=Umm+Al+Arayes


2014-05-10: Isareli army and Border police preventing Palestinina from accessing their private land in Umm Al Arayes

Palestinesi continuano a lottare per la terra a Umm Al Arayes

Ogni sabato, da un anno e mezzo, palestinesi insieme ad attivisti israeliani organizzano azioni nonviolente per reclamare il diritto di accesso alla propria terra nelle colline a sud di Hebron, dove i coloni dell’avamposto illegale israeliano di Mitzpe Yair hanno costruito delle serre. La terra in questione si trova tra il villaggio palestinese di Shi’b Al Butum e l’avamposto illegale israeliano di Mitzpe Yair.

Questa terra è chiamata Umm Al Arayes ed proprietà privata palestinese. Contro le serre sono stati consegnati ordini di demolizione dal Ufficio di Coordinamento Distrettuale dell’Amministrazione Civile Israeliana (DCO). Ai palestinesi è impedito l’accesso alla propria terra in quanto dichiarata dall’esercito israeliano “zona militare chiusa”.

I palestinesi delle colline a sud di Hebron continuano ad affrontare l’occupazione israeliana tramite la resistenza popolare nonviolenta.

Per maggiori informazioni riguaradanti l’area potete vedere anche: http://tuwaniresiste.operazionecolomba.it/?s=Umm+Al+Arayes

UPDATE: South Hebron Hills. Another action to protect the right to education

novembre 12, 2013 at 2:53 pm

At-Tuwani – On November 10, the South Hebron Hills Popular Committee (SHHPC) and the At  Tuwani school built a tent near the village of At Tuwani.  This tent was funded by the Consulate General of France in Jerusalem; in it the schoolchildren from Tuba and Maghayir Al Abeed will be able to wait the Israeli army escort during the winter and the rainy days. Indeed, children from these South Hebron Hills villages, aged 6 to 16 years, need a military escort to protect them from the several attacks that they have suffered since 2001 by settlers of Havat Ma’on on the route to the school. The army escort was established in November 2004 by “Children Rights Committee” of the Israeli Knesset. 

This is the third time that the SHHPC built the tent: first time was on March 16, the second on March 17. In these two times, Israeli police and army stopped the works and dismantled the tent. On March 17 they dismantled it and confiscated the construction materials, also (see more: http://www.operationdove.org/?p=944).

The tent is a real need for the children from Maghayir al Abeed and Tuba. Indeed, from the beginning of the school year (August 25), the children waited for the escort to come back home on the 67% of the school days, for a total of about 20 hours.

On October 23, Palestinians children from Tuba and Maghayir Al Abeed, with the solidarity of their schoolmates, teachers, the SHHPC, the Freedom Bus artists, Palestinian, Israeli and international activists, protest against the settler violence and the negligence of the Israeli army escort.  In contravention of the protective mandate of the escort, since the beginning of this school year, soldiers didn’t walk with the children during the escort, failed to complete the path on 94 % of the cases, leaving the children exposed.

This situation of exposure to violence and lack of security compromises children’s fundamental right to education. The Palestinian communities in the South Hebron Hills proved yet again to be strongly involved in claiming their rights (included the right to education for their children) and resisting the Israeli occupation, choosing the nonviolent way.

Israeli Army prevent Palestinian to access their land: two arrested

novembre 3, 2013 at 1:50 pm

Soldiers pushing Palestinian away, after declaring “close military area”

On November 2 at around 8.30 AM, Palestinian, Israeli and international activists organized an action to access the Palestinian-owned land in Umm Al Arayes (in front of Mitzpe Yair outpost). Like all saturdays for almost one year already, the Palestinian landowners are claiming their right to return to their land, on which settlers from Mitzpe Yair have built greenhouses.

Demolition orders have been issued against the greenhouses by the Israeli District Coordination Office. However, when several Palestinians arrived near the outpost, some ten settlers came out and pushed them in aggressive manner. Suddenly Israeli soldiers and Border Police officers declared the area a “close military zone” and started to push all the people away – but not the settlers.

After several minutes, two Palestinians (the owners of the field) were arrested, but nothing was done about the settlers who remained in this closed military area. The two Palestinians were released Sunday, after the payment of a bill of 1500 NIS for each person.

In previous weeks, like on Saturday, the Israeli army declaration of lands as closed military zone has impeded the Palestinians from accessing their land and this right. Since 2001 the Palestinians in the area have faced restricted access to these lands.


Soldiers prevent Palestinian to access their land

Other pictures of the nonviolent action: http://snipurl.com/283zkjh