Sixth Festival of South Hebron Hills Nonviolent Popular Resistance

giugno 26, 2013 at 7:33 am

When: Saturday 29 June 2013, 10:00 am -11:00 pm
Where: KhalletAthaba village (South Hebron Hills)

Please come and support the South Hebron Hills communities. The Festival will celebrate the completion of the annual
summer camp, and commitment of South Hebron Hills communities to nonviolent resistance to the Israeli occupation
practices inArea C.

“This is the moment to give each other strength, to continue to fight without surrender to violence”, says Hafez Huraini,
member of the Popular Resistance Committee of South Hebron Hills. “We remember together our story and our hardearned achievements. But we also want to send a strong message to everyone, Palestinians and Israelis, with our
example: nonviolence is possible, is effective, and it is the only way to fight for justice, dignity, and peace.”

The Festival will take place in KhalletAthaba, a village situated in Firing Zone 918 and under threat of almost complete



10:00 am Opening
10:15 am Speeches of local representatives:
South Hebron Hills Popular Committee representative
Head of Council ofAt Tuwani
Mayor of Yatta
Palestinian activist from Yatta
Governor of Hebron
10:45 am Children’s activities (Dabke dancing and plays prepared during the summer camp)
11:00 am Speeches by representatives of international organizations:
Luisa Morgantini (connected via telephone, she is former vice-president of the European
Union and coordinator ofAssopace, an Italian movement promoting nonviolence and peace)
Operation Dove, Christian Peacemaker Teams
11:30 am Freedom Bus Theater
12:00 pm Children’s activities
12:15 pm Break
12:30 pm Discussion: nonviolent experiences of people of the area
12:50 pm Children will fly kites and balloons on a hill in front of the outpost ofAvigayil, to send a
colorful message of peace and justice
1:30 pm Lunch


2:00 pm Break; possibility to visit local sites and to accompany shepherds of the area who are often
chased away by Israeli soldiers and are target of aggressions by settlers
7:00 pm Evening activities, traditional songs and dances
11:00 pm Closing; possibility to have accommodation in the area (please note this in your RSVP)