Defaults of the military escort for the children of Tuba and Maghayir Al Abeed

novembre 27, 2013 at 8:47 am

On sunday November 24, the escort didn’t accompany the children along the path from Tuba to At Tuwani school. The children arrived at the place in which was supposed they had to meet the escort at 7.55 AM and the escort wasn’t there. International volunteers called at around 8.00 AM the DCL, at around 8:05 AM and at around 8:10 AM the army. At about 8:15 the children chose to go to school by the long way, accompanied by two international volunteers. The children arrived at the school around 8:45.

On monday November 25, the children arrived at the place in which was supposed they had to meet the escort at 7:35 AM and they didn’t find the escort. After few minutes, international volunteers called the DCL and the Israeli army in order to make pressure. When the volunteers called the army, the army replied that they didn’t know that the escort didn’t come. At the second call probably the phone line went down or the army didn’t want to reply. So, the volunteers called Yesh Din and this organization called the army. The army answered to Yesh Din that the escort arrived, but they didn’t find the children, so they went away. The children decided to take the long way accompanied by two international volunteers. During the path, one settler’s car drove towards them, the two international volunteers and a Palestinian shepherd that was grazing near the long path. In spite of the scare, the children arrived to the school, at around 8:40. At 9:48 Dcl called the international volunteers asking if the escort accompanied the children or not, and at what time the children arrived at the chicken barns, suggesting to remember to the children to be on time in order to not give to the army the excuse to be late or not arrive.

Since the beginning of the school year, the children walked along the long way without escort 7 times.