Report: October 2017 – Human Rights Violations and Popular Struggle in South Hebron Hills

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A new report and interactive map on “Human Rights violations and Popular Struggle in South Hebron Hills” covering the period October 2017 have been released.


Report – April 2017: Human Rights Violations and Popular Struggle in South Hebron Hills

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Read full report: April 2017 [PDF]

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Report – January 2017: Human Rights Violations and Popular Struggle in South Hebron Hills

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Read full report (PDF):

General Overview

The month of January 2017 saw the approval of a massive construction program of new settlement homes, in clear opposition of December’s UN security council resolution, which described settlement building as a “flagrant violation” of international law and an obstacle to peace. Israeli authorities announced the plan to build almost 600 new houses in occupied East Jerusalem and other 2,500 in the West Bank, the possibility of annexing Ma’ale Adumim settlement, and the willingness to give the Palestinians “not exactly a state with full authority, rather a state minus”.

In the South Hebron Hills area Operation Dove volunteers recorded a wide range of human rights violations against Palestinians carried out by both Israeli forces and Israeli settlers.

Protetto: SIMAP JANUARY 2017

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INTERACTIVE MAP: The closure of Yatta and Bani Na’im

luglio 2, 2016 at 12:29 pm

In the last three days Israeli military forces closed all the main entrances to the Palestinian cities of Yatta and Bani Na’im, including several secondary roads in the south-east Hebron area.

The presence of roadblocks, earthmounds, road gates and checkpoints, set up by Israeli Army, prevents Palestinian to use the roads, also to reach basic services as the hospitals, in violation of the right to freedom of movement (Art.13 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights). This is a clear collective punishment, which is banned under the International law, after the escalation of violence of this day.

Operation Dove condemns this collective punishment that the Israeli government is inflicting once again on the Palestinian population, especially during this days of Ramadan, the holy month for muslims.


MAPPA INTERATTIVA: Il blocco delle città di Yatta and Bani Na’im

Le forze militari israeliane, in seguito all’ondata di violenza di questi giorni, hanno bloccato tutti i principali accessi, incluse numerose strade secondarie, alle città palestinesi di Yatta e Bani Na’im, nell’area a sud est di Hebron.

La presenza di blocchi stradali (cumuli di macerie, blocchi di cemento, sbarre..) e checkpoint posizionati dall’esercito israeliano, impediscono ai palestinesi di potersi muovere liberamente, soprattutto per raggiungere servizi essenziali come gli ospedali, in violazione al diritto alla libertà di movimento (Art.13 della Dichiarazione Universale dei Diritti dell’Uomo)

Operazione Colomba condanna queste punizioni collettive, vietate dal diritto internazionale, che il governo israeliano per l’ennesima volta infligge alla popolazione palestinese, in particolare durante questi giorni di Ramadan (mese sacro per la popolazione musulmani).

Video: Israeli military forces keep blocking the access roads to Yatta

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HP – La tecnologia dell’oppressione israeliana #IoNonComproHP

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Guy Butavia speaks

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Ha’aretz: Israel demolishes 23 homes in Hebron area to make way for IDF training zones

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Amira Hass Feb 03, 2016 1:23 AM

The Civil Administration in the West Bank on Tuesday demolished 23 homes and three outhouses in the southern Hebron hills villages of Jinba and Halawa. According to Israeli activists who reached Jinba by midday, shortly after the demolitions, 78 people had been living in the newly-built homes, including 60 children.

These are two of the 12 villages in the area that have been waging a legal battle for 17 years in an attempt to prevent their evacuation and demolition so they can be used as army training areas. The European Union has been closely following the villagers’ campaign, and has repeatedly stated it would view their evacuation as a coerced uprooting of a protected population, a contravention of international law.

Video: Palestinian Kids Dodge Settler Attacks

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