PSCC Statement and Call to the International Solidarity Movement all over the world

ottobre 11, 2015 at 2:10 pm

10th October, 2015 | Popular Struggle Coordination Committee | Ramallah, Occupied Palestine

Hundreds of Palestinians were injured in the past ten days, around 450 arrests from all over the West bank were reported. Israeli settlers and occupation forces have murdered 17 Palestinians since the beginning of October 2015, including 5 children, eleven year old Abdelrahman Ebeidallah, fifteen year old Muhamad Hisham, sixteen year old Is-haq Badran, seventeen year old Amjad Hatem, and Huthayfa Sulayman age eighteen.
The roads are not safe for Palestinians. The settlers are armed with guns, knives, stones, and the support of the occupation forces-one of the most heavily armed militaries in the world- ready to shoot and kill Palestinians on our own land.
Jerusalemites do not feel safe walking in the streets. In the last week alone Palestinian women were beaten and thrown on the ground by Israeli settlers in the old city of Jerusalem, and at least one instance of this was captured on video.
The Israeli occupation forces not only protect the settlers and their illegal attacks on Palestinians, they also use different kinds of rubber and live bullets to maim Palestinians. In the last several days of attacks against Palestinians in the West bank, the injuries seen at Ramallah Hospital’s Emergency Room are on the arms, chests, and heads of Palestinian journalists, frontline defenders, and youth- these injuries indicates that the barrel of Israeli guns are aiming to kill.
Undercover occupation agents, the “mustaribeen”, with kaffiyah’s covering their faces wearing t-shirts tucked out of their pants to hide their guns, infiltrated a march held by students from Birzeit University. The mustaribeen got close to the Palestinian protesters, kidnapped three of the young men, after shooting them from a point of zero distance. Till the moment no one knows the destiny of the three kidnapped young men, with and assumption of the death of at least one of them according to eye witnesses.
The Israeli settlers and the occupation forces should be held accountable for their actions against the Palestinian people, and since the settlers, the army that serves them , and the occupation they exist within, are all protected by international impunity, regardless to the fact that the existence of the Israeli settlers within the 67 borders is considered illegal according to International Law . We call for the international community to organize demonstrations, and to take serious actions to support the international BDS campaign against Israel, and to put pressure over their governments to take actions towards the Israeli government and settlers’ violations.
in the time that Palestinian children, men, youth and women are all united in resisting the occupation, risking their lives in face to face encounters with the occupation army, demonstrating in Gaza City, Jerusalem, Haifa, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Yaffa, and Hebron. United from all over Palestine.
As long as the occupation continues, we will keep resisting for a life of freedom and dignity.
We the people need to scream out for Muhanad Halabi’s family who are threatened to have their house demolished at any minute, after having their son murdered. And it is not only Muhanad’s family who are mourning, thousands of people across Palestine are grieving the loss of loved ones murdered by the occupation.
We the people have a voice, that neither the Israeli government, Zionist entities, nor members of the international community complicit with Israel’s
crimes against Palestinians, can ever silence.

Ha’aretz: Even Gandhi would understand the Palestinians’ violence

ottobre 11, 2015 at 2:06 pm

Gideon Levy Oct 09, 2015 5:23 AM // Ha’aretz

Through the haze of self-righteousness, media propaganda, incitement, distraction, brainwashing and victimhood of the past few days, the simple question returns in full force: Who’s right?

There are no justified arguments left in Israel’s arsenal, the kind a decent person could accept. Even Mahatma Gandhi would understand the reasons for this outburst of Palestinian violence. Even those who recoil from violence, who see it as immoral and useless, can’t help but understand how it breaks out periodically. The question is why it doesn’t break out more often.

From the question of who started it to the question of who’s to blame, the finger is rightfully pointed at Israel, at Israel alone. It’s not that the Palestinians are blameless, but the main blame lies on Israel’s shoulders. As long as Israel doesn’t shake off this blame, it has no basis for making even a scrap of a demand from the Palestinians. Everything else is false propaganda.

UPDATE : Clashes in Southern Hebron Hills, after the killing of Palestinian teenager.

ottobre 8, 2015 at 12:36 pm


(italian follows)

On October 7, after Israeli forces killed one Palestinian boy (from Yatta city, aged 17) who tried to stab a soldier in Kiryat Gat (according with Israeli Police sources) , clashes took place in many place of the Southern West Bank.


At Around 03:15 p.m. clashes erupted at the entrance of At Tuwani village. After demonstrators burned some tires, Israeli forces arrived in order to repress the gathering. Clashes continued up to the Palestinian village of Al Birkeh, where Israeli settlers had a trip last week. During the clashes an armed settler run towards Palestinian, in order to attack them. No persons wounded to report.


At around 5:00 p.m. Israeli forces tried to enter the city of Yatta (area A) in order to demolish the house of the boy killed as collective punishment, but they were prevented to reach the house by the Palestinian population. Inhabitants of Yatta blocked all the accesses to the city with roadblocks.



UPDATE : Scontri nel sud della Cisgiordania, dopo l’uccisione di un giovane palestinese di Yatta

Mercoledì 7 ottobre , dopo l’uccisione da parte delle forze israeliane di un palestinese ventunenne di Yatta a Kiryat Gat (che secondo fonti della polizia israeliana avrebbe tentato di accoltellare un soldato), diversi scontri tra palestinesi e esercito israeliano sono avvenuti nel sud della Cisgiordania.


Attorno alle 15:15 sono iniziati degli scontri all’entrata del villaggio di At Tuwani. In seguito all’incendio di alcune ruote da parte di manifestanti palestinesi, le forze israeliane sono arrivate per reprimere la protesta. Gli scontri sono poi continuati sino al villaggio palestinese di Al Birkeh, in cui, la scorsa settimana c’era stato un attacco da parte di coloni israeliani. Durante gli scontri anche un colono armato ha rincorso i dimostranti, con l’intento di attaccarli. Non sono stati riportati feriti.


Attorno alle 17:00 le forze israeliane hanno tentato di entrare a Yatta (area A) per demolire l’abitazione del ragazzo palestinese ucciso la mattina, come misura di “punizione collettiva”. I militari sono stati fermati dalla popolazione palestinese. Gli abitanti di Yatta infatti, hanno bloccato gli accessi alla città con dei roadblocks.

Operation Dove concern about the ongoing escalation of violence in the West Bank

ottobre 6, 2015 at 12:45 pm


Tension increased up to the South Hebron Hills: several attacks against Palestinians

(italian follows)

Tensions between Palestinians and Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank have soared in recent days after two Israeli settlers were shot dead near Nablus on Thursday October 1 by suspected Palestinian attackers. Since the shootings, there has been an upsurge of settler attacks against Palestinian people and their property.

Clashes have erupted across the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, as a result of ongoing confrontations between Palestinians and Israeli forces at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. Palestinians religious authority claim that the continuos and repeated settler’s tours on the al-Aqsa mosque are provocating and violating the sacratility of one of the most important places for the muslims worshippers.

Israeli police says they are restricting access to the Old City of Jerusalem aftera Palestinian man killed two Israelis in the historic neighborhood.Only Israeli citizens, Old City residents, tourists, businesspeople working in the area and students studying there will be allowed to enter, police said in a statement Sunday.

A large number of Israeli settler attacks were reported across South Hebron Hills area during the weekend.

On October 3 at around 10 pm a group of settlers were reported to have stormed al-Birkeh (nearby Yatta), and assaulted an unarmed elderly Palestinian park guard (65 years old), locals said.

On October 3 at night, as Maan News reported, a group of settlers smashed the windows of a car belonging to a Palestinian doctor, Imad Abu Iram, near the village of Zif, south of Hebron.

On October 4, at about 2 am, Israeli settlers attacked the Palestinian village of As-Seefer. After having teared down the fence dividing the village from the settlement of Metzadot Yehuda which surround the palestinian village, the settlers started throwing stones to houses. The attack in the middle of the night scared all families living there and damaged a car, an aluminum canopy and solar panels. Children of As-Seefer, the day after the attack, were too afraid to cross the checkpoint to go to school, and decided to stay at home.

In the early morning of October 4, settlers from Mitzpe Yair illegal outpost closed the road from Birr al Idd to Jinba with a roadblock preventing Palestinian teachers to arrive on time to Jinba school.

On Monday October 5 in order to re-open the road,Palestinians and Ta’ayush Israeli activists removed the roadblock.

On October 5 in At-Tuwani village an army jeep entered the village at 11.25 p.m. and threw 4 stun granades between the houses scaring Palestinians in the middle of the night.

On Thursday October 6, at around 2:00 a.m. settlers raided the village of As-Sefeer for the second time in three days. Settlers threw stones against houses and families, injuring one children of 12 years old from the Abu Qpeita’s family. Settlers also damaged again the solar panels of the village. The injured children was took to Yatta hospital.


OD is registering a very fast escalation of settlers and Israeli military violence in all the West Bank.

This violence against Palestinian civil population cannot be considered as a “war against terrorism” neither cannot be justified with Israeli security needs, but is the direct consequence of the Israeli Occupation plan. 

OD looks at the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza siege, with its continuing settlement expansion and military repression, as the frame which this escalation is developing in.

OD rejects any kind of violence and recourse to weapon and, at the same time, recognizes the right for Palestinian people to resist.

OD is accompanying and supporting the palestinian nonviolent popular struggle.

OD has maintained an international presence in At-Tuwani and the South Hebron Hills since 2004.


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Operazione Colomba esprime preoccupazione per la continua escalation di violenza in Cisgiordania

Sale la tensione nelle Colline a Sud di Hebron : diversi gli attacchi ai danni dei Palestinesi

Le tensioni tra palestinesi e coloni israeliani si sono acuite negli ultimi giorni dopo che 2 coloni sono stati uccisi vicino Nablus giovedì 1 Ottobre in un attacco di cui sono sospettati i palestinesi. Da quel momento si è verificato un massiccio incremento di attacchi dei coloni contro la popolazione civile palestinese e le proprietà.

Gli scontri sono scoppiati in tutta la Cisgiordania, Gerusalemme Est compresa, come risultato del continuo confronto tra palestinesi e militari israeliani per il complesso della Moschea di Al-Aqsa. Le autorità religiose palestinesi recriminano per i continui e ripetuti tour dei coloni nella moschea di Al-Aqsa che sono stati percepiti come una provocazione e hanno violato la sacralità di uno dei luoghi più importanti per i fedeli mussulmani.

La polizia sraeliana comunica che le restrizioni all’accesso nella Città Vecchia di Gerusalemme sono dovute all’omicidio di due israeliani per mano di un palestinese avvenuto nel centro storico.

Solo i cittadini israeliani, i residenti della Città Vecchia, i turisti, gli uomini d’affari che lavorano nell’area e gli studenti che vi studiano hanno il permesso di entrarvi, come riferito domenica da un comunicato della polizia.

Operazione Colomba ha registrato diversi attacchi nell’area delle colline a Sud di Hebron.

Nella notte di sabato 3 ottobre, attorno alle 22:00 un gruppo di coloni dopo essere entrato nel villaggio di Al Birkeh (vicino alla città di Yatta), ha attaccato la guardia anziana disarmata (65 anni) del parco del villagio, come riportano i locali.

Sempre nella notte di sabato 3 ottobre un gruppo di coloni ha distrutto i vetri della macchina del dottor Imad Abu Iram, nella cittadina di Ziff, situata a sud di Hebron.

Domenica mattina 4 ottobre attorno alle 2 del mattino, coloni israeliani hanno attaccato il villaggio di As Seefer. dopo aver abbattuto la rete che divide il villaggio dalla colonia di Metzadot Yehuda(che circonda il villaggio palestinese), i coloni hanno iniziato a lanciare pietre contro le case e le tende. L’attacco, avvenuto a notte fonda, ha terrorizzato gli abitanti di As Seefer e ha portato al danneggiamento di una macchina, due pannelli solari e una tettoia. I bambini di As Seefer , il giorno seguente l’attacco , erano troppo spaventati di attraversare il checkpoint per raggiungere la scuola e hanno deciso di rimanere a casa.

La mattina presto sempre del 4 ottobre, i coloni dell’avamposto illegale di Mitzpe Yair hanno bloccato la strada che connette Birr al Idd con Jinba con un roadblock, impedendo agli insegnanti palestinesi provenienti dalla città di Yatta di raggiungere la scuola di Jinba in tempo.

La mattina del 5 ottobre per riaprire la suddetta strada, palestinesi e attivisti del gruppo Ta’ayush hanno rimosso il roadblock.

Attorno alle ore 23:25 del 5 ottobre , una jeep militare israeliana è entrata nel villaggio di At-Tuwani e ha lanciato 4 granate assordanti, terrorizzando i palestinesi nel cuore della notte.

Attorno alle ore 02:00 del 6 ottobre un gruppo di coloni ha compiuto un raid nel villaggio di As Seefer per la seconda volta in due giorni. I coloni hanno tirato pietre contro case e famiglie che dormivano all’aperto, ferendo un bambino di 12 anni della famiglia Abu Qpeita. il bambino è stato trasportato dalla famiglia all’ospedale di Yatta.


Operazione Colomba sta registrando una rapida escalation della violenza militare e dei coloni in Cisgiordania. 

Questa violenza contro la popolazione civile palestinese non può essere considerata come guerra al terrorismo, né giustificata da ragioni di sicurezza per Israele, ma è la diretta conseguenza del piano di occupazione israeliano.

Operazione Colomba identifica nell’occupazione della Cisgiordania e dall’assedio della striscia di Gaza come la cornice in cui questa escalation si sta sviluppando. 

Operazione Colomba oltre a rigettare la violenza e l’uso delle armi riconosce il diritto del popolo palestinese alla resistenza, rimanendo accanto e supportando chi come nei villaggi delle colline a sud di Hebron ha intrapreso un cammino di lotta popolare nonviolenta.

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