Negligence of the Israeli soldiers exposes again Palestinian children at risk on the way to school

febbraio 7, 2014 at 3:51 pm

Schoolchildren on the long way to Tuba
I bambini sulla strada lunga per Tuba

On February 6, the Israeli military escort failed to accompany Palestinian school children in the South Hebron Hills on the gravel road from At Tuwani to the village of Tuba. The children arrived at the designated escort meeting place at 11.59 am, but the army wasn’t there. The children waited in the winter morning for the army until 1.07 pm, and when the soldiers failed to appear volunteers from Operation Dove accompanied the children via a longer path.  However, when the group arrived near the illegal outpost of Havat Ma’on two settlers went out from the outpost and one of them arrived about 50 meters close it. The children ran because were frightened of the settlers and felt very unsafe, and OD volunteers accompanied them until Tuba.

The children arrived in Tuba at 1.45 pm instead of 12.50 am, if the military escort had arrived on time.

Since the beginning of the school year, the children were forced to walk via the long way without a military escort 12 times.

For further information on the military escort and how it was carried out in the past years, the report “The Dangerous Road to Education . Palestinian Students Suffer Under settler Violence and Military Negligence” is available at:

Lunedì 6 febbraio la scorta militare dell’esercito israeliano non ha accompagnato gli studenti di Tuba che frequentano la scuola di At Tuwani, sulla via del ritorno verso casa. I bambini sono arrivati nel luogo concordato alle 11.59 ma i soldati non si sono presentati. I bambini hanno aspettato i militari fino alle 13.07 ma la scorta non si è presentata. Data la situazione, gli studenti hanno deciso di intraprendere una strada più lunga, accompagnati dai volontari di Operazione Colomba. Tuttavia, quando il gruppo è arrivato nei pressi dell’estremità meridionale di Havat Ma’on due coloni sono usciti dall’avamposto e uno di essi è arrivato a circa cinquanta metri dai bambini. Questi ultimi si sono messi a correre spaventati. I volontari di Operazione Colomba li hanno accompagnati fino a Tuba.

Gli studenti sono arrivati a Tuba alle 13.45, ma se la scorta militare si fosse presentata in orario i bambini avrebbero potuto essere a casa alle 12.50.

Dall’inizio dell’anno scolastico i bambini hanno percorso una via molto più lunga e senza scorta militare per ben 12 volte.

Per ulteriori informazioni sulla suddetta scorta e sul suo andamento negli anni passati è disponibile il rapporto “The Dangerous Road to Education. Palestinian Students Suffer Under Settler Violence and Military Negligence” all’indirizzo:

The settler who chased the schoolchildren
Il colono incappucciato che ha inseguito i bambini

Update: Israeli forces cut water pipes to Ein Hijleh while the siege continues

febbraio 6, 2014 at 7:07 pm

Israeli forces have cut water pipes reaching Ein Hijleh five times in the last two days. Army siege of the village continues, restricting movement of visitors and solidarity groups coming to the village. Vehicles carrying water and food supplies have especially been targeted by Israeli military and police forces. One Palestinian from the village was detained today by Israeli soldiers and later freed by residents after an argument with the forces present.

Ein Hijleh residents spent the day working the land (planting trees and cleaning) and renovating houses in preparation for large groups arriving Friday for prayer. In addition, Areej organization arrived to the village today and installed three solar panels. Other organizations, including the Child Center in Nazareth and Nablus Municipality were welcomed by Palestinians in Ein Hijleh.

Archbishop Atallah Hanna visited the village on Wednesday and declared his full support, and that of churches in Palestine, of Ein Hijleh and Palestinian steadfastness here.

A group of diplomats also visited Ein Hijleh yesterday. The six European diplomats were forced to walk a few kilometers after Israeli forced refused to allow them to enter the village with their vehicles.

Palestinian officials from the Palestinian Authority visited Ein Hijleh today, Thursday, including the Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Health, and Minister of District Localities. In addition, a Palestinian Knesset member, Hanna Swaid, came to Ein Hijleh to show unity and support with the Palestinian struggle. Both local and international solidarity groups continue to visit the village. Showing their support, they have also learned about the reality of people living in the village and the Jordan Valley in general.

Video showing an Israeli soldier cutting a water pipe in Ein Hijleh:


For more information please contact Ein Hijleh media committee:

Diana Alzeer 0592400300 or 0549168321

Abdallah Abu Rahmeh 0599107069

Salah Khawaja 0598886943

Thaer Anees 0549292422

Video: Ein Hijleh 4.2.2014

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