Israeli Army prevent Palestinian to access their land: two arrested

novembre 3, 2013 at 1:50 pm

Soldiers pushing Palestinian away, after declaring “close military area”

On November 2 at around 8.30 AM, Palestinian, Israeli and international activists organized an action to access the Palestinian-owned land in Umm Al Arayes (in front of Mitzpe Yair outpost). Like all saturdays for almost one year already, the Palestinian landowners are claiming their right to return to their land, on which settlers from Mitzpe Yair have built greenhouses.

Demolition orders have been issued against the greenhouses by the Israeli District Coordination Office. However, when several Palestinians arrived near the outpost, some ten settlers came out and pushed them in aggressive manner. Suddenly Israeli soldiers and Border Police officers declared the area a “close military zone” and started to push all the people away – but not the settlers.

After several minutes, two Palestinians (the owners of the field) were arrested, but nothing was done about the settlers who remained in this closed military area. The two Palestinians were released Sunday, after the payment of a bill of 1500 NIS for each person.

In previous weeks, like on Saturday, the Israeli army declaration of lands as closed military zone has impeded the Palestinians from accessing their land and this right. Since 2001 the Palestinians in the area have faced restricted access to these lands.


Soldiers prevent Palestinian to access their land

Other pictures of the nonviolent action: