2012-07-28 Update: Havat Ma’on masked settlers traumatized palestinian child in Humra valley, near At-Tuwani village, Southern Hebron hills

luglio 28, 2012 at 9:36 pm

At around 4:45 pm Operation Dove volunteers were called by a palestinian shepherd from Maghayir Al Abeed village who ask to them to look at one child that was coming to Al-Karmil from Maghayir Al Abeed. When Operation Dove volunteers arrived in Humra valley they found 5 masked settlers that started to throw rocks against them, also with slingshot. One palestinian told to the internationals that the settlers chased the child before their arrival. After, the settlers attacked the volunteers and stopped just when some palestinians came from At-Tuwani. The settlers returned inside Havat Ma’on woods. One relative of the chased child told to Operation Dove members that the victim went to hospital for anxiety disturb connected to the attack.

Pictures of the incident:  http://snipurl.com/24h2fa4